Something for Nothing: Cleaning Checklist

As a nod to my goal of pumping out a weekly freebie for you guys, this week I designed a cleaning checklist of sorts. I know there are quite a few of these out there, but I wanted to create one that worked for me and my cleaning habits. I’m not one to make sure every Tuesday the toilet gets scrubbed down, or vacuum the floors three times a week. So I went with this “less accountable” approach. I just jot down a few tasks that need to get done sometime soon and tackle them as my schedule allows. Easy-breezy.


It’s an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet, so no crop marks or cutting required! My favorite kind of printable.


I’m hoping it will help me stay on top my spring cleaning this year.


The color inspiration was from my all-time favorite swatch source, a site called Design-Seeds. It was this picture to be precise:


Geode Brights, love those colors! I always tweak them just a bit to get exactly what I’m looking for. I think they are nice and spring-y. Here’s the cleaning checklist file for you, it’s a PDF. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Cleaning Checklist



I haven’t been out much this October, while I usually enjoy kicking up leaf piles and soaking up as much outdoors time as possible. I shudder just thinking of those long, cold months ahead. However, I did get out at least once. I took some engagement photos for some friends at a local nature center. This beauty is one of my favorite in the bunch.


Enjoy your autumn, wherever it finds you!

Five Favorite Things



Thought I would take a break from jabbering on about my house and share some of the things I’ve been loving lately… here we go!











And their respective owners… ONE. This is book all about ice cream sandwich’s… Would love this as a fun dessert inspire-er for the kitchen! TWO. I am a huge believer in patterns. And you can never have too many mugs! I see a DIY project in the future. THREE. Again, patterns are my thang. Plus, I need to write down just about anything anyone tells me… because I am ridiculously forgetful. FOUR. A typewriter pillow! I would love a couch full of random toss pillows. All different shapes, sizes and themes. FIVE. A lovely, white, whimsy skirt. I would do all sorts of whirling and twirling in that beauty!

What are all you lovely people loving? Tell me! Share the link!

The Side Door

The previous owner had 3 huskies. And they clawed the crap out of our side door. Awesome sauce.


Apologies for the dim entry lighting. In preparation for the task of brightening things up, I used drywall compound to try to level the door surface out.


Sexy, no? After letting it dry for the night, I popped the side door off it’s hinges and got to work.


Next, I threw the door up on some spare bar stools we have. Saw horse-less.


Using a hand-sander with 60 grit sandpaper, I got that door down to the bare wood and went over it with 150 grit sandpaper, for good measure. Then I grabbed my brush and primer.


I painted inside the door groves first, then used a 3-inch roller to give the surface a nice, even coat of primer.



After a 2 strong coats of primer, I went over everything with Behr’s Ultra Pure White to give it a crisp finish. And once it was dry, I got it back up and marveled in the white-ness. Remember the before?


Here it is all done!


Mmmm… I just love it. Day off well-spent.

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!

I feel like we are moving backwards. Maybe that’s normal? Here’s a series of photos of what we’ve been doing the last few days. I took them all from the same point of view. You’re welcome.


Above: “Before”


Above: “The floor is coming up! We’re excited!”


Above: “Wow… That’s skeletal-looking…”


Above: “De-Evolution.”


Above: “Why haven’t we ripped out that chandelier yet?”

I know that we are accomplishing quite a bit. I just wasn’t expecting a space that is quite so… empty. It’s like a black hole developed right where we used to eat breakfast. It feels odd. Also, it makes me feel a little sad for the kitchen. I want to give it a big hug and whisper “Get well soon, friend”. Meanwhile, Kevin has other feelings.


“I love you, sledgehammer” feelings.

How about you guys? Working on any fun projects? Do you have an attachment to a room or other in-animate object? I want to hear about it!

“Admirings” of March

GoldFavesIn this moment, I am deeply admiring:

ONE: Heirloom Recipe Box. Found this cute little thing on Rifle Paper Co. They are handcrafted from trees destined for landfills and then screen-printed in one of three designs. Adorable!

TWO: Gold-Striped Thank You Card. Also found on Rifle Paper Co. Can you tell I love them?

THREE: Hive Vase in yellow. This guy is from Anthropolgie, and I simply cannot get over the vintage and spring-y combo. Stunning!

FOUR: Starburst Mirror. Hails from Target (on SALE this week!) and looks pretty darn good hanging from my living room wall. Ahhh! That’s right- I splurged my birthday money on this beauty… Couldn’t be happier!

FIVE: White Dipped Spoons. Something about dipped handles makes me want to cook more… Also from Anthropologie!


What are your faves of March? Anyone have Spring Fever yet?