This weekend was full of family, friends and pears! My parents recently moved to a new home, and in the backyard, they have a very fruitful pear tree. So what do you do with hundreds of pears and a lazy Saturday afternoon? Start canning of course!






That’s the family and the process, here’s some of my photos from the pear tree.



Love me some scarred, character-filled fruit!



Yes, I was pretty much that close to the bees. Did I mention I want to be a photographer when I grow up?


Picture This!

Something I never felt 100% comfortable with while apartment dwelling: hanging pictures. What do you guys think? For one thing, loudly hammering into the wall would surely not gain many neighbor-friends. And then there’s the security deposit to think about (sure you can spackle the holes up, but won’t that detail-oriented landlord notice?). It was a real shame, considering our apartment in Neenah had awesome high ceilings and tons of wall space. Now that I can paint, pound nails, and change things up to my hearts content… I plan to. A lot. That’s why when I saw these bright white frames on clearance, I just had to bite.

I ended up buying two of the $4.98 frames (which fit an 8 x 10 photo if you keep the matting) and two coordinating frames, sized 5 x 7 at $2.99 a pop. Since I was at Target, I decided to print two 8 x 10’s and two 5×7 pictures to complete the project. The grand total was under $25 with my Target discount. Big whoop! The first thing I did was remove the frames from their packaging and set them safely off to the side. I used the packaging (which was the same size as the  frames) to tape to the wall as an idea of how the pictures would look after they were hung.

We waited a few days with the packaging hanging like that, making small adjustments every now and then. We wanted to get a good idea of how to position the frames, without actually putting nails in the wall. Once they were just right, I took advantage of some afternoon free time and pounded a few holes and hung them up.

I was pretty much satisfied with the way they looked, until Kevin came home, took out his toolbox, and used a level on them. He pointed out that the one on the left was about a 1/4″ lower than the rest of the frames. For the record, I still don’t notice anything being off. However, for the sake of doing things correctly, we took them off the wall and patched the holes and carefully hung them back up. That boy is just so meticulous. 🙂

So, here’s the idea. I’d like to continue adding to the frames on the the right side of the window, and balance the look with a waist-height side table and a big round or oval mirror where the computer is (we are moving it to the spare bedroom for the time being). Here’s an inspiration photo via Pinterest (the original link to the photo is broken!):

One day, my style will be as awesome as this. One day…

Coming soon: we are just about finished with a mini-kitchen project. We replaced some countertop and some backsplash and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you guys! Stay posted!



PS- What projects (big or small) are you working on to liven up the space in your place?

Taking Root

We are beginning to put down our roots in our new neighborhood, and we aren’t the only ones- we have plants!. The home we bought came with an exceptionally deep lot, including a pretty big garden and various flowers around the perimeter.

I love the space and can’t wait for next spring. The plan is to install some raised garden beds, trim back some large branches to let in more light and plant new grass. The previous owners had some veggies coming in shortly after we moved in. Now, after some rain and growth, (and some weeding on my part) we are starting to recognize some delicious-looking foods back there. Like…

Tomatoes! Haha, you can’t tell from the picture, but the entire tomato bush took out the metal fence that was supporting it. It’s just sprawled out all over the dirt.

Pumpkins! Halloween is going to be fun!

Yellow peppers – I think…!

Cucumbers! And some pretty flowers popping up all over:


What kinds of plants do you guys grow? If you don’t have the space, what do you dream about planting in a yard?

Until next time!