26 before 27

Earlier this month, I turned 26. I am officially closer to 30 than 20. Some days I don’t even think I’ve crossed the threshold to my twenties, and yet here they are- half over. Sob. Only joking, I’ve never had anything against aging. It has a certain beauty. I did want to do something special to mark the occasion here in blog-land. I got the idea from another blogger to create a list of goals equal to your age before your next birthday. 26 things seem like a lot. And I’m sure this next year is going to a roller coaster ride of emotion and learning curves. We’ll see what happens. Here’s the list:


1. Find 5 new meals Kevin and I like.

2. Get better at using my Nikon camera.

3. Can/jar my own fruits, veggies and jams… Um, what else can be canned?

4. Make a raised garden bed.

5. Learn how to make delicious fried rice. Like at Katsuya or Nakashima’s (our best japanese cuisine restaurants). Drool.

6. Make 50 new items for my Etsy shop.

7. Make a “freebie weekly” for the blog. Like this one and this one.

8. Create a better layout/system for the hall closet.

9. Work on my calligraphy.

10. Tile the kitchen backsplash.

11. Make going our local farmer’s market a habit on Saturday mornings this summer.

12. Get back to (or below!) my pre-pregnancy weight/image.

13. Read the entire New Testament.

14. DIY some of our Christmas gifts.

15. Find groups/activities on the cheap for Baby Kelly and me.

16. Make a frame wall.

17. DIY some wall art

18. Take monthly nature photos and create a calendar from them.

19. Make a successful cheesecake!

20. Expand on my vocabulary/sentence structure skills.

21. Make my own baby food/recipes.

22. Go disc-golfing with Kevin and Baby Kelly at least once.

23. Learn to make a good-looking fishtail braid.

24. Organize and backup all of my photos on the computer. A daunting task.

25. Get better at recognizing an artist’s voice on the radio. #tonedeaf

26. Start learning French.


So that’s it. I’ll keep you updated on what get’s crossed off the list.  Wish me luck to finish it all before my 27th birthday! Ahh!


3 thoughts on “26 before 27

  1. I have the sweetest vision in my head of Baby Kelly napping, sunlight streaming softly through a window and you working on calligraphy … In truth it’s a vision I have sometimes when I read Jane Austin so yes, you are in period costume. It’s thrillingly peaceful!

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