Beginning of a Frame Wall

Would you believe I was once in graphic design school? It’s true. I tucked away quite a bit of knowledge on the best software programs, read books on Design and Layout, collected art that inspired me for school projects… and now I’m letting that education cool and harden. Like when you neglect to fully close a bag of bread, and those first few pieces are like rocks the next time you need a sandwich. Pout. 


No longer. That print? Yeah. I got off the lazy train and made something. My goal is to have a frame wall. Not just pictures, but prints and shadow boxes and beautiful things. Like this one. In order to make that dream into a beautiful collage of frames, I have to spend some major dough on art… or make it myself. Not just any art though. I want prints that reflect my personal style and beliefs and things that are applicable to ME. Oh, and Kevin. The above is a quote from scripture that I’m basically obsessed with. Perfect love expels all fear, 1 John 4:18. Maybe you saw it here? This quote makes me smile. I read it and it reminds me that God’s love drives out the everday scary stuff. That it just won’t matter at the end of the day.


Okay, and here’s a little Kelly Family Representing! Obviously it’s not in print yet. It says: “the KELLYS … EST. 2011″

Cue the Aww’s!

The bike represents our mutual love of (can you guess?) biking. Ugh, I feel like a dork. But I secretly love it. Isn’t that vintage bike just ADORABLE? I can’t get over it. Found it here. Maybe this type of print is Etsy shop-worthy? We’ll see… So that’s what I’m up to these days. That and drywalling, drywalling, drywalling. More kitchen stuff to come soon. Woo!


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