The Side Door

The previous owner had 3 huskies. And they clawed the crap out of our side door. Awesome sauce.


Apologies for the dim entry lighting. In preparation for the task of brightening things up, I used drywall compound to try to level the door surface out.


Sexy, no? After letting it dry for the night, I popped the side door off it’s hinges and got to work.


Next, I threw the door up on some spare bar stools we have. Saw horse-less.


Using a hand-sander with 60 grit sandpaper, I got that door down to the bare wood and went over it with 150 grit sandpaper, for good measure. Then I grabbed my brush and primer.


I painted inside the door groves first, then used a 3-inch roller to give the surface a nice, even coat of primer.



After a 2 strong coats of primer, I went over everything with Behr’s Ultra Pure White to give it a crisp finish. And once it was dry, I got it back up and marveled in the white-ness. Remember the before?


Here it is all done!


Mmmm… I just love it. Day off well-spent.


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