Windows: Bad to Bright!

Before I get going, guess who moved in?


My new loves. The cabinets!! Admittedly though, one has the door installed backwards and we are missing some paneling for the sides of the upper cabinets. Remodeling Problems. Speaking of problems, onto today’s post. My almost un-salvagable window trim.


It’s bad. We’d love, love, love to get new vinyl windows installed, but it’s out of this years budget. Sad day! So I’m getting my hands dirty covered in paint to get these babies looking like something special. First, I trashed the beige mini blinds.


Ahem, beige mini-blinds? Can you take all the beige light switches and outlet covers with you? Then, I removed the window hardware.


Hiya neighbors. I am lucky that my camera blows out the windows from far away… We do not have the best view. Next, I removed the frames and took them outside for some priming. I had previously putty-ed up the nail and hardware holes and lightly sanded the frames.



I used an angle brush on the inner beveled part of the windows, then went over the square frame parts with a 3″ roller. Gave it 2-3 coats. Very, very happy. And… that’s as far as I am. Priming is tedious, yo! Can’t wait to show you the final result. In the meanwhile… what are all you working on? Anything household items that are getting some love or a makeover? Tell me about it!


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