Beginning of a Frame Wall

Would you believe I was once in graphic design school? It’s true. I tucked away quite a bit of knowledge on the best software programs, read books on Design and Layout, collected art that inspired me for school projects… and now I’m letting that education cool and harden. Like when you neglect to fully close a bag of bread, and those first few pieces are like rocks the next time you need a sandwich. Pout. 


No longer. That print? Yeah. I got off the lazy train and made something. My goal is to have a frame wall. Not just pictures, but prints and shadow boxes and beautiful things. Like this one. In order to make that dream into a beautiful collage of frames, I have to spend some major dough on art… or make it myself. Not just any art though. I want prints that reflect my personal style and beliefs and things that are applicable to ME. Oh, and Kevin. The above is a quote from scripture that I’m basically obsessed with. Perfect love expels all fear, 1 John 4:18. Maybe you saw it here? This quote makes me smile. I read it and it reminds me that God’s love drives out the everday scary stuff. That it just won’t matter at the end of the day.


Okay, and here’s a little Kelly Family Representing! Obviously it’s not in print yet. It says: “the KELLYS … EST. 2011″

Cue the Aww’s!

The bike represents our mutual love of (can you guess?) biking. Ugh, I feel like a dork. But I secretly love it. Isn’t that vintage bike just ADORABLE? I can’t get over it. Found it here. Maybe this type of print is Etsy shop-worthy? We’ll see… So that’s what I’m up to these days. That and drywalling, drywalling, drywalling. More kitchen stuff to come soon. Woo!


Five Favorite Things



Thought I would take a break from jabbering on about my house and share some of the things I’ve been loving lately… here we go!











And their respective owners… ONE. This is book all about ice cream sandwich’s… Would love this as a fun dessert inspire-er for the kitchen! TWO. I am a huge believer in patterns. And you can never have too many mugs! I see a DIY project in the future. THREE. Again, patterns are my thang. Plus, I need to write down just about anything anyone tells me… because I am ridiculously forgetful. FOUR. A typewriter pillow! I would love a couch full of random toss pillows. All different shapes, sizes and themes. FIVE. A lovely, white, whimsy skirt. I would do all sorts of whirling and twirling in that beauty!

What are all you lovely people loving? Tell me! Share the link!

The Side Door

The previous owner had 3 huskies. And they clawed the crap out of our side door. Awesome sauce.


Apologies for the dim entry lighting. In preparation for the task of brightening things up, I used drywall compound to try to level the door surface out.


Sexy, no? After letting it dry for the night, I popped the side door off it’s hinges and got to work.


Next, I threw the door up on some spare bar stools we have. Saw horse-less.


Using a hand-sander with 60 grit sandpaper, I got that door down to the bare wood and went over it with 150 grit sandpaper, for good measure. Then I grabbed my brush and primer.


I painted inside the door groves first, then used a 3-inch roller to give the surface a nice, even coat of primer.



After a 2 strong coats of primer, I went over everything with Behr’s Ultra Pure White to give it a crisp finish. And once it was dry, I got it back up and marveled in the white-ness. Remember the before?


Here it is all done!


Mmmm… I just love it. Day off well-spent.

Windows: Bad to Bright!

Before I get going, guess who moved in?


My new loves. The cabinets!! Admittedly though, one has the door installed backwards and we are missing some paneling for the sides of the upper cabinets. Remodeling Problems. Speaking of problems, onto today’s post. My almost un-salvagable window trim.


It’s bad. We’d love, love, love to get new vinyl windows installed, but it’s out of this years budget. Sad day! So I’m getting my hands dirty covered in paint to get these babies looking like something special. First, I trashed the beige mini blinds.


Ahem, beige mini-blinds? Can you take all the beige light switches and outlet covers with you? Then, I removed the window hardware.


Hiya neighbors. I am lucky that my camera blows out the windows from far away… We do not have the best view. Next, I removed the frames and took them outside for some priming. I had previously putty-ed up the nail and hardware holes and lightly sanded the frames.



I used an angle brush on the inner beveled part of the windows, then went over the square frame parts with a 3″ roller. Gave it 2-3 coats. Very, very happy. And… that’s as far as I am. Priming is tedious, yo! Can’t wait to show you the final result. In the meanwhile… what are all you working on? Anything household items that are getting some love or a makeover? Tell me about it!