Out with the Old, In with the New!

It is thrilling to stop all the de-constructing and tossing, and finally add something of our own. It is fresh, new and clean. It is ours.


Okay. It’s just subfloor. But I want to dance all over it. Stand back, y’all. But that’s not all we’ve accomplished on this 4 day “vacation” of ours. We also removed some hardwood in the living room to make space for our future seating nook.



Bold. Bold to remove the hardwood. After that, we rented an electric stapler with 1″ staples to lay down our first subfloor. My dad supplied an air compressor. While Kevin cut subfloor to size, I stayed inside and stapled everything down. 1,700 staples later, that floor isn’t going anywhere.



Fun drinking game: take a shot every time our Rigid Wet/Dry Vac photobombs. What’s next? The trim on the windows needs to get a healthy dose of paint. We have to spackle up some damaged areas first though.



I have an extreme distaste for badly stained wood. I simply CANNOT wait.


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