Something’s Missing…

Spoiler alert: It’s a wall. Lets recap. Here’s where we started:


Here’s where we are currently:


Maybe it doesn’t seem that huge to those online viewers… But if you’ve seen it personally, it’s a jaw-dropping, whopper of a difference. Wanna see how it all went down?



Psych. These are staged photos. Don’t lob sledgehammers over your head, fool. 


The real process took about a week. We would swing the hammers for a bit, clean-up, and repeat. Once the plaster and drywall was out of the way, we used a reciprocating saw to cut out the beams. As for the outlets and other electric in the walls… we know a guy. If you don’t know a guy, find one in the phone book. Electricity is a scary, bright blue ninja that will strike at any time. Friends don’t let friends play with wires.



Don’t judge me for my mess. We plan on using the beams for other projects or firewood. Still, the total waste of this whole project including cabinets that could not be salvaged, scrap pieces, flooring, subfloor, plaster, drywall and rubble was over 1,500 pounds. We are saddened that it got tossed at the landfill. When you can, save old cabinets to donate to the ReStore or sell them on Craigslist. Trust me, there are people who want them… no matter how ugly.


Here’s my little brother lending a helping hand last week. Look at all that junk! Huge shout all y’all that jumped in to help or let us borrow tools, vans, etc. You are amazing, and our lifeline.


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