Mean, Green Painting Machine


This is the story of flipping our living room into something we thought we wanted into something we realized we loved. The shot above is the not-so-distant memory of our first day in our home. After some serious time and elbow grease, we managed to turn it into this:

Living Room

Which was all fine and lovely (besides it being sans-baseboard), except… after 5 months of walking around in that green living room, I found myself avoiding eye contact with the walls. Because I secretly thought they were icky. I had a hard time telling Kevin, but he was a great sport about it. Maybe he secretly thought they were icky too? He even kept his cool when I put him to work. Again.


We primed those green walls to oblivion and didn’t look back.


I’ll be super up-front about it. We paint in our PJ’s. Things just got real.




I’ve been to more than a few open houses, thanks to my new job, with cream living rooms with dark accent walls. I just can’t get away from the effect it has on a room! So guess what colors I went with for our living room? Cream and brown!


Oh, and hey. We also took this opportunity to FINALLY get it together and paint the trim on the other window white. I mean, as much as I adore mis-matched trim, I think our guests were starting to think we were super lazy homeowners (guilty!).



I masked off the glass panes (ironically a pane┬áitself- I’m so punny) and covered the trim with primer. I wasn’t overly careful about it since we were priming the walls anyhow. Once it was all dry, I used a test pot of Behr’s Ultra White paint on the trim. $3, if you plan on trying it!


Looks pretty darn good.┬áI’ll be sharing more about the living room project this week! Hint: We finally got our new baseboard! What updates have you all done in your homes lately? Hope you all had a wonderful new year!





Living Out 2013

Happy New Year all. We’ll be back with more projects soon, just wanted to share a verse that is heavy on my heart this season:


Hears hoping your year is full of blessings,