In the beginning…

Well… It’s official.

This couple bought a house! And we couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s charming, it’s got character, it’s insanely perfect… It’s US. I got the text from Kevin while at work. I did a little dance right there where I was standing (yes, people shot me weird looks). But, I just couldn’t believe it: an ACCEPTED OFFER. How could we be so lucky? The next few photos I throw out there will be super low quality, sorry! They are the only thing available from the realtor right now. I’ll be taking more detailed pictures later, and I’ll share.

Haha, I wasn’t kidding, was I? Okay, above is the living room… The first time we walked in, I didn’t notice the 3-diamond door or the scratched-up, water stained floors or the dated ceiling fan. I just stood for a few seconds marveling at the big window. After smiling about the view for a bit, I noticed that basically, everything needs a face-lift. The trim is worn in areas, the floors will need to be redone, there is a recent (but half-hearted) paint job on the walls. We laughed for a bit about their furniture sitting out, attached to price tags for prospective buyers.

What’s up with those cabinets, you ask? We don’t know either. Painted black wood mixed with plain old regular wood was an interesting choice on someone’s part. I’m itching to get in there with a couple buckets of white paint and go to town. I’m restraining myself since there are other more pertinent projects that need our attention and moo-lah ($). And AGAIN with the dated fixtures. Seriously- did they actually sell those stained glass half-orbs at one time? Also, there are PLASTIC tiles sticking to the wall. I was unaware that those were even an option when it came to decorating. We’ll talk about the floors and countertops another day.

It’s a two-bedroom on the lower, with an attic that needs to be redone. But the main floor bedrooms are a good size with little work needed. One of the bedrooms has a door that leads outside. Our inspector recommended getting insulated doors for winter time.

Here’s our lovely (green!) bathroom. It has a new vanity and cute little magazine holder that I can’t wait to pry off the wall (insert photo of Char with a crow bar and a crazy gleam in her eyes).  It’s small,  which will make a very special and creative project in the future.

And that PRETTY much sums up our house. We cannot WAIT to share more when we have the resources to take more photos and start some fancy projects. Yay!